Yellow Cab Pizza in Boracay - Philippines

The classic American-Italian cuisine has always been a favorite all throughout the world. Yellow Cab Pizza, taking advantage of such reality, has introduced the concept of classic New York pizza parlors in the Philippines. With its branches located in key cosmopolitan areas, Yellow Cab Pizza has been successful at delivering delectable pizza platters and pasta dishes in a fun and casual environment nearby Boracay's lovely beaches.

Yellow Cab Pizza specializes in New York style pizzas, meaning pizzas concocted in American taste. Diners get a taste of New Yorks culinary tastes with its pizza toppings formulated from the freshest ingredients sourced from all over the world. Yellow Cab Pizza has a delectable selection of Classic Pizza, the most popular pizzas consisting of Cheese, NY Classic, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Manhattan Meatlovers and Garden Special. Specialty pizzas include the Gourmet Garden Pizza, No.4 Cheese, Anchovy Lovers and many more. The most popular pizzas in Yellow Cab Pizza is the Manhattan Meatlovers, a pizza full of meat toppings like ham, pepperoni, ground beef, Italian sausage, bacon and salami, and the Four Seasons, a sampler of different pizza flavors like NY Classic, No.4 Cheese, Anchovy Lovers and Roasted and Garlic pizzas. A pizza of ten-inch diameter that is good for two persons costs about 3o0 pesos for the Classic Pizza, and 350 pesos for Specialty Pizza.

There are also side dishes in Yellow Cab Pizza, such as Twice-Baked Potatoes, which are oven-baked potato-halves with cheese and bacon, and the Ham and Cheese Calzone, a special pizza dough filled with ham, bell pepper, onions and cheese. One of Yellow Cabs most popular dishes is the Charlie Chan pasta, a pasta dish sautéed in spicy oriental sauce topped with roasted nuts, shiitake mushroom and chicken strips.

Yellow Cab Pizza restaurant in Boracay is within the shores of the beach, so many diners order takeout and have a pizza fest near the waters. Some, however, prefer to eat in the restaurant and relax and enjoy their pizza in the native-decorated interiors of Yellow Cab Pizza. Diners are given paper plates and plastic forks to get a feel of casual New York dining, all within near proximity to Boracays pristine white beaches.

Nearby Yellow Cab Pizza are one of Boracays recommended hotels, such as the Bamboo Beach Resort and the Turtle Inn Resort. These two hotels are within 200 meters from the beach front. For those who prefer a quieter getaway near the beach, the Blue Coral Resort, also nearby Yellow Cab Pizza, is also an ideal hotel.

Yellow Cab Pizza is located at Ambulong, Station 3 in Boracay. For bookings and reservations, interested parties may call 63-36-288-5550.