White Beach in Boracay - Philippines

One of the most popular and attractive beaches in the Island of Boracay in Aklan, White Beach plays home to various commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and malls. In addition, this tourist destination is also a good place where travelers can do special recreational activities. Moreover, the beach has a nice location that makes tourists who are new to the island, easier to locate and find.

Location and How to Get to White Beach

Situated at the western region of the island, White Beach is easy to find. For first-timers, White Beach is one of the areas in Boracay that is very accessible. From Caticlan, Aklan, tourists can reach the beach shore, by riding in small boats that travel to the three stations of the beach, namely, Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3. Meanwhile, for local residents, they can reach White Beach by riding in tricycles and jeepneys that are en-route to White Beach.

What to See at White Beach

With its 3.5 kilometers shore, White Beach plays home to numerous hotels, diving centers, and specialty stores. When it comes to accommodations, people can always check in at hotels and inns at Station 1, which include Blue Waves Beach House, Boracay Beach Resort, and Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort. Hence, for those who prefer to stay at Stations 2 and 3, they can always visit lodges, hotels, and inns, such as Casa Camilla Boracay Resort, Boracay Gold Crowne Club, and Boracay Mandarin Island Resort. Meanwhile, tourists and travelers can surely have an exciting and enjoyable stay at the island by doing recreational activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, and kayaking. Furthermore, there are also hotels at the beach that arrange island hopping trips and trekking activities.

Dining at White Beach

In terms of dining, travelers can always visit the famous restaurants at White Beach. For those who are on tight budget, they can taste the delicious meals available at Jammers Fastfood, Andoks Liston Manok, and Inang Resto Boracay Restaurant. Meanwhile, for those who want to have casual dining experience, they can dine at Aria Italian Boracay Restaurant, DHobbit House, Jonys Place.

Shopping Centers

When it comes to getting the necessities of guests at White Beach, they can always visit DMall where several specialty stores are located such as Colors, Lonely Planet, and Captain Haddock. At this shopping center, people can also find digital print shops, barber shops, as well as arts and crafts store like Treebu. However, for those who like to shop for fresh meat and vegetables, they can always visit DTalipapa, which is just few minutes away from DMall.