The Tides in Boracay - Philippines

Located along Central Boracay, the Tides is a first-class restaurant situated right within a fine hotel, serving different kinds of cuisines from all parts of the world. It boasts of an eclectic menu featuring signature meals created by an internationally acclaimed chef. In general, some of its key entrees are Lemon Grass Crusted Fillet of Dory, Chicken Barbecue, and Stuffed Chicken Breast. For a chance to taste delightful rice variation, customers can also try the Chicken Teriyaki Rice of the Tides.

With $10 or more, people can already enjoy great-tasting and highly satisfying meals at the Tides in Boracay. In order to enjoy delectable treats that are rich in carbohydrates, the place serves mashed potatoes. Add to that, customers can also try any of its vegetable specialties. More importantly, this food service provider also serves great-tasting seafood treats, particularly those delicacies that make use of different types of fish as main ingredient. Furthermore, the Tides restaurant in Boracay features tasty chicken wings as part of its appetizers.

The Tides in Boracay is a favorite hangout amongst tourists, thanks to its cozy, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere inside out. While customers are dining, they can listen to some really cool music playing at the background. The interiors of this dining facility is relatively simple, yet enough to make its guests feel more relaxed and at ease. To make things more interesting, it is situated right at the top of an ultramodern hotel. In terms of service, it is decent and efficient enough to satisfy most of their hungry guests. The simple atmosphere inside the place perfectly complements the already huge building that holds it, making it less intimidating for people to enter the restaurant premises.

Found within the middle of Station 1 and Station 2 of Boracay Island, the Tides is very much within the nicest and most important places in the area. Aside from its host hotel, its customers can also book at other nearby topnotch hotel facilities including Club Panoly, Pearl of the Pacific Boracay, and Fridays Boracay. Meanwhile, they can also stay at Boracay Gold Crowne, Casa Pilar Boracay Resort, as well as Hey Jude Boracay Hotel. Additionally, the restaurant is also near some world-class dive shops such as Aquarius Diving, Aqualife Divers Academy, and Alice in Wonderland Dive Center.

The official website of the Tides Hotel is, where people can also learn more about the extensive service offerings of the Tides restaurant in Boracay. For those individuals who want to reach the friendly hotel staff through e-mail, they can send their inquiries, book in advance, and make reservations through Finally, people can contact its Metro Manila sales office through the numbers (02)-722-9200, (02)-725-3411, or through the fax machine number (02)-726-6165.