Smoke Restaurant in Boracay - Philippines

Boracays White Beach, being the ultimate tourist destination for beach lovers, is also a haven for food enthusiasts. Tourists take delight in the various exotic and familiar restaurants in the area, each serving scrumptious and delectable dishes form Filipino, Italian, Japanese and other cuisines from all around the world. One of the restaurants in the area is Smoke Restaurant, a local restaurant known for serving delightful meals at very affordable prices.

Dining at Smoke Restaurant is basically alfrescoguests can enjoy their meals outside of the restaurant and beside Boracays sandy shores. The menu selections are basically of Filipino cuisine, but are concocted to delight the foreign palate. Nevertheless, this restaurant serves a huge variety of selections, ranging from fish to beef dishes, from sandwiches to pasta, from breakfast dishes to dinner snacks. This all-time favorite of locals has indeed become frequented because of its affordable food pricesa lowest dish is priced at 50 pesos. However, expect the servings to be quite small, as the Filipino appetite is smaller than that of the westerner. Nevertheless, with its affordable prices, diners can purchase a lot of dishes without putting a strain in their wallets.

Another excellent service in the Smoke Restaurant is that one can bring raw food in the restaurant and have it cooked to your liking! Indeed, with Boracays wet market teeming with a great variety of raw seafood, meat and poultry why not buy some and have somebody cook it for you? With this type of service, Smoke Restaurant charges according to the weight of the raw seafood plus the type of cooking.

One of the most recommended dishes at Smoke Restaurant (that is, the ones on their menu) is the Sinigang Soup, a sour broth with meat eaten with rice, the Hunters Chicken and Stuffed Squid.

Guests at the Smoke Restaurant are greeted with an entrance full of artful decorations. The restaurants interiors encourage a laid-back yet very different form other restaurants that also serve affordable meals. Instead, guests are assured of a relaxed, cozy and sanitary ambience that will surely encourage them to have a hearty meal.

Nearby Smoke Restaurant are also some of Boracays fine hotels, such as the Boracay Regency Beach Resort and the Boracay Peninsula Resort. Other more affordable hotels are the Hey Jude Hotel, and the Crystal Sand Hotel.

Smoke Restaurant is located at the back of DMall near the Boracay Wet Market, with a telephone number 63-36-288-6014 for reservations.