Skimboarding in Boracay - Philippines

Skimboarding in Boracay is one of the many watersports that is rapidly becoming part of the seascape around the island. Because the sport is very simple and straightforward, it is attracting people from all walks of life.

With the growing popularity of skimboarding in Boracay, an ever increasing number of beach resorts and shops are offering skimboards for sale or rent. The cost of renting a skimboard will vary greatly, depending on the quality of the board and the length of time you want to use them. If you want to rent a board from one of the shops the fee will usually be about 500 Php ($10).

But you can go skimboarding in Boracay for much cheaper. If you ask nicely, some of the skimboarders on the beach will rent it out to you for as low as 100 Php ($2). On the other hand, if you are serious about honing your skills, you might consider buying one. The cost will not just vary by the shop but also the quality of the board. The average board will cost up to 1,000 Php ($280) and the really good ones about 5,000 Php ($100).

If you want to try skimboarding in Boracay, you can do so at White Beach as the waves there are smaller and more convenient for newbies. It is also the ideal place to try it out with your kids as the shallow waves will provide just the right amount of movement to get them accustomed to riding the board.

Once you have improved your skills, you can try it at Bulabog Beach, where most of the aficionados go and play. The other extreme sports like flying fish, windsurfing, parasailing and kiteboarding are also held there.

One of the reasons why skimboarding in Boracay is becoming increasingly trendy is that the learning curve is gradual and simple. For someone who has never tried it before, it seems like all you need to do is hurl the board at the waves and enjoy the ride. It is easy compared with other watersports like parasailing or kitesurfing, but if you want to try out other complex maneuvers, there are plenty of guides and instructors around that can help you out at the shops or resorts.

If you have never tried any of the watersports activities, skimboarding in Boracay is a good choice. As mentioned, it is simpler to do, and not as costly. Easy, fun and inexpensive, it is hardly a wonder people are being drawn to it in droves.