Parasailing in Boracay - Philippines

Whether you are a watersports enthusiast or a newcomer to Boracay Island, you may want to include parasailing in your to do list. There are quite simply few other activities that can give you the rush and stimulation you are looking for.

For someone who has never tried parasailing in Boracay Island, the sport looks extreme and something only professionals should try out, but the truth is that even those who have tried it for the first time remark on how easy and fun it actually is. For the spectator it looks hard, but once you get started, you get to feel the adrenaline rush, and the incomparable feeling of calmness too, as man, nature and machine seem to merge as one.

When you decide to go parasailing in the beaches of Boracay Island, you will want to go over the many different types of services available, and the prices vary for each one. The usual price is about 2,500 Philippine Pesos per individual, although some may cost more (about 5,000 Php, or double the price) or less.

If the parasailing is part of a package deal you got while staying at a resort or includes other activities, the fee may differ slightly. In other cases, you can always try and bargain. The 2,500 price by the way, is good for a 15 minute ride across the waters.

The cost of parasailing in the beaches of Boracay Island will also depend on the number of people who will parasail with you. In some cases the cost will be reduced if there are two more people with you, as competition is forcing the companies to price these activities lower in an effort to attract more customers.

Regardless of the cost, the parasailing in the beaches of Boracay Island package will already include the fee of the boatman, the boat and all the necessary paraphernalia. The equipment you are provided with may vary slightly but generally it will include the specially designed suit, the harness which will connect you to the parasail itself, the rope and of course the speedboat.

As you go parasailing in the beaches of Boracay, you get to feel the rush of the water and the blowing wind, all the while you gaze up the brilliant skies and listen to the roar of boat. Whether it is your first time to the island or not, this is an activity you should not be afraid to try out.