Paradiso Seafood Restaurant in Boracay - Philippines

Definitely one of the finest providers of high quality seafood in the area of Boracay, Paradiso Seafood Restaurant is a very inviting place to dine, thanks mainly to its comprehensive services and delicious food. Found somewhere near DMall, this food service provider offers a plethora of seafood specialties including lapu-lapu, lobsters, and squids. Also available inside this place are all-time favorites like prawns, crabs, and snappers. With an affordable budget of 700 pesos, customers can already eat plenty of delightful and filling dishes.

Of course, Paradiso Seafood Restaurant in Boracay offers more than just seafood varieties. In fact, this place also serves other in-house specialties including pizzas, pastas, and salads. Another noteworthy factor that adds to the dining pleasure of its customers is the condiments, which are basically comprised of soy sauce and chili. Furthermore, this restaurant also serves different types of grilled meat as well. More than anything else, many people love the Mixed Seafood Kebab that Paradiso Seafood Restaurant in Boracay offers.

Paradiso Seafood Restaurant in Boracay is very inviting, thanks to its simple yet very clean facilities and equipment. For those who want to dine in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, they can try dining at the roof deck, where customers can enjoy their delicious food together with the refreshing ambiance brought about by the gentle breeze of the wind. After some pleasurable dining, people can stay much longer and have some nice drinks including different types of wines and beers. To separate smokers from its health-conscious customers, the restaurant management has designed and allotted a smoking area.

In terms of location, Paradiso Seafood Restaurant is very easy to find because it is situated near DMall, which is one of the most popular landmarks in Boracay. After some energizing meals, customers can easily book at any of the neighboring hotels such as Blue Bird Villa, Hotel Isla Boracay, and Cocomangas Hotel Beach Resort. Furthermore, they can also stay at other nice hospitality service providers like Zuzuni Boutique Hotel, Bans Beach Resort, and Alyssa Resort. Additionally, there are also numerous bars near the restaurant area including Bubbles Bar, Pats Creek Bar, and Bolero Rum Bar, where all the fun and excitement usually happen especially during night.

For individuals who want to be in touch with the friendly staff of Paradiso Seafood Restaurant in Boracay, they can call (036)-288-6363. Just by dialing this telephone line, they can already ask questions, make bookings, as well as reserve guestrooms. For those who want to go directly to the place, they can easily find this nice restaurant near DMall.