How to get to Boracay - Philippines

For all the up and coming tourist and summer destinations in the Philippines, Boracay remains the favorite of many a tourist, both local and foreign. Before you party down at its famous beaches, consider all the options for getting to the island, so you can find the most ideal one for you.


Boracay Island itself is situated in Western Visayas off Aklan, bordered by the provinces of Mindoro and Romblon. The island itself is directly to the northwestern edge of Panay Island. Because it does not possess an airport, you can only reach it from other points in the country.

From Abroad to Boracay

If you’re coming from other countries such as Australia or England, you may be pleased to know that there are so many offers that you can avail of to travel to Boracay. To date, reputable travel agencies like the WOW Philippines Travel Agency Inc. provide inexpensive rates for Boracay packages. This offer includes accommodations from around three hundred (300) resorts and hotels on the island for a pleasurable stay. What’s more, you can also expect a free breakfast everyday while you’re there. Airlines that are ready to take you to the island include the Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Zest Air, and SEAIR. While you study such offers, you may also want to look at some Boracay transportation tips that may give you more savings. There are a number of wonderful freebies and giveaways being offered by more and more agencies. However, you may have to study these things more before you agree to them so you can be assured of not only an inexpensive offer but also a travel package that you can readily trust to give you a hassle-free travel.

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From Palawan to Boracay

One of the good Boracay transportation tips would be to take a plane ride, then go by land, if you’re traveling from Palawan to Boracay. You can book a flight from the main city of Palawan, the city of Puerto Princesa, to fly you to Iloilo City. From there, you have to get an airconditioned bus and proceed by land travel towards Boracay’s Caticlan (about a six-hour travel) or Kalibo (that would be around four hours of travel).

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From Manila to Boracay by Plane

If you want to travel by plane, the ideal option is to book a flight from the Manila domestic airport and get a flight to either Caticlan or go through Kalibo City. Either way, it should take you about an hour to reach your destination.

From Davao to Boracay

One of the worthy Boracay transportation tips would be to take an inexpensive airline trip from Davao to Boracay. Some flights such as Cebu Pacific are offering discounts on interested travelers. From Davao, one would have a quick trip to Boracay’s Caticlan. If you’re planning to go by car, the trip from Davao to Boracay can also be worth taking as you will – undoubtedly – pass by other scenic sites as you go along. But, you have to remember that your travel to the paradise of Boracay may take longer than you may expect.

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If you can’t get a flight from Manila to Boracay from the domestic airport, you can always get a flight from the international airport. All the major airlines, including Philippine Airlines (PAL), Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines and Asian Spirit, have flights to Kalibo or Caticlan.

From Kalibo to Boracay

From Kalibo, traveling to Boracay is easy. All you need to do is get tickets for the bus ride that may take ninety (90) minutes or more hours of travel to bring you to Caticlan port. A ferry ride or a banca ride would then take you safely among the waters to Boracay White Beach.

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From Caticlan to Boracay

To get to Boracay may be as easy as eating pie to many guests who usually come to this place. However, for those who haven’t gone to Boracay, learning the ropes about Boracay transportation may make one’s trip less of a nightmare. Actually, there are many ways that can help get you to Boracay. One of which is the way from Caticlan to Boracay. For this, you may need to start off at the airport of Caticlan where you can get a tricycle or motor tricycle that would get you to the Caticlan Port. From there, next stop would be at Boracay Port via a bangka pump boat. There are actually two Boracay ports, and it doesn’t matter where you arrive since the next stop would already be at the Boracay White Beach via a tricycle for (more or less) the ten-minute travel.

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From Manila to Boracay

An air travel is a quick way to get from Manila to Boracay. However, some may find this a bit expensive for their tastes. Some airlines would require you to pay around P1,700 to go on a one-way trip. But if you take time to check around, you may find some inexpensive rates that could cater to your budget. Travel bookings can be arranged with some of the major airlines of the Philippines which offer this itinerary. From the air trip from Manila, you would be brought to Kalibo where you can ride an aircon bus to Caticlan which is, in fact, the better itinerary that others choose rather than going to Boracay from other places like Tugdan and Santa Fe. From Caticlan, an exciting Boracay transportation boat ride awaits you to get you to Boracay. Some airline tours include the bus and boat transfer rides for your convenience.

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From Manila to Boracay by Ferry

For those who prefer a more leisurely mode of transport, or are on a budget travel, you can take the ferry boat from Manila to Dumaguit. Dumaguit is situated on the northern side of Panay.

First you have to drive to North Harbor in Manila where the ferries to Dumaguit are stationed. Once you arrive at Dumaguit you have to go to Caticlan. This can be done either by bus, or if you like, the jeepney.

Another way to get to Boracay from Manila is to take the following route: first you take a bus ride going from Manila all the way to Batangas. From there you will board the ferry that transports you to Tablas in Romblon. From the port of Odiongan, you can take a jeepney to another port (either Santa Fe or Looc) and get a banca to Boracay Island.


From Cebu to Boracay

The easiest way to reach the island if you are in Cebu is to book a flight headed to Iloilo City and / or Kalibo. Cebu’s Mactan International Airport has daily flights to those destinations so that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you took the Iloilo City route, you have to take the bus that will bring you to Kalibo and then to Caticlan. If you land directly at Kalibo, take the bus to Caticlan. Depending on the traffic, this can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

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From Angeles to Boracay

If you’re coming from Angeles City, one of the best choices in Boracay transportation is to travel by air. There are flights from Angeles to Caticlan that you can avail of. Going on a boat ride would then be the next best thing to do to bring you and your family or friends from the port of Caticlan to Boracay.

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Transportation in Boracay Island

Once you get to Boracay Island, there are several modes of transport available for your use. Depending on where you want to go, you can take the tricycle, which can take you to most of the places you need to go to. There are also vans that you can rent out for group travel. You can also rent boats to get to other points of interest.

With all these options, getting to Boracay Island, and enjoying the beach has become straightforward, affordable and available for all types of travelers.