Hiking in Boracay - Philippines

For some, going to the beach means lounging and basking in the sun while sipping a cold ice tea or a chilled margarita. Many people would not think of going on a hiking trek while at the beach. For those who cant get enough of hiking, Boracay offers a lot of opportunities for hiking and exploration.

Although the beaches don't offer much in terms of uphill terrain, there are many paths that link each beach to another and many tourists can discover pockets of small and secluded swim places or lovely locations of vegetation or lovely places to sight see when moving around. The idea of hiking in Boracay is more like a free-style walk where one wants to.

There are several trams or walking tours that let tourists see the natural wonders of the island and not all of them are for everyone since Boracay is known for its sand, surf, and sun perks.

The ideal footwear and fashion are really left to the person but it is always a good idea to bring comfy shoes or sandals (whichever is most preferable) and loose, light wear clothing. One doesn't need to wear heavy or rugged equipment since most of the hiking surface is flat, save for an occasional hill or two. Although hiking is not really a feature of the beach, it can help pass the time for those who may seek a more physical way to unwind. Tourists should bear in mind that not all stalls or resorts offer a course on hiking. One should make the effort to bring their gear and disposition. The most that stalls can offer are simple maps and their knowledge of good places to go visit for a meal or drink.

Those who are not so energetic to go on long hiking trips can avail themselves of the many forms of transportation on the island. Some may opt to rent a scooter or open air jeep to go part of the way and they would readily hike the remaining half. Hiking is really more of an off-beat activity in Boracay but is slowly winning ground for some hiking enthusiasts.

Those planning to do some heavy duty hiking should consult maps and local guides before venturing out. Although Boracay is a place where many people go to relax, it doesn't hurt to be well prepared with lots of mineral water and bug spray to keep ones cool in the beach.