Henna Tattoos in Boracay - Philippines

Boracay, a tropical island resting at the heart of the Aklan Province. It is among the top tourist destinations in the country because of its pristine blue waters and astonishing white sands with a breathe taking view all over the place.

Boracay is a place where you can do almost anything that you want to do to satisfy your cravings of a fun-filled and carefree life. It is a destination where you experience life to the fullest. Among the most popular activities that you can do while enjoying your stay in boracay is having a henna tattoo. As we all know, this is a fake tattoo that last for about two weeks. It utilizes a black ink to draw your desired tattoo design. Henna Tattoo is a stylish, clean, safe and inexpensive body art. In fact, your boracay experience will never be complete if you don't have a henna tattoo in any part of your body. It serves as a trademark and proof that you've been to boracay. This tattoo can be drawn in any part of your body. Most girls want it at their lower back to give them this very sexy boracay look.

One of the famous tattoo shops in boracay that offers henna tattoo is Noel's Tatoo Studio owned by Noel Morales, a member of the Professional Tattoo Artists Association of the Philippines (PTAAP) . Noel's Tattoo studio is situated along the Talipapa Market in Boracay Island. This business has been existing for twelve years now and mostly caters foreigners visiting boracay. Noel's Tattoo studio is known for its superb artistic creations that are done by hand. If you plan to get a henna tattoo, you can choose from a variety of standard designs from their catalog or you can choose to have it customize according to your own choice. Tattoo artists in Noel's are trained to create clean and beautiful artworks. There are also other henna tattoo shops along the white beach. Henna Tattoos cost from p50 for a simple name design and can reach up to p100-200 depending on the size and the complexity of the design that you want to have.

Getting a henna tattoo is the most preferable alternative to the real ones. This is the best work of art that you can get in Boracay especially if you have mothers back home who are not fan of body arts. It is safe and will not cost you too much money. Having a henna tattoo while you're in boracay gives you a feeling of being a proud endorser of human art.