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Boracay is, without a doubt, one of the hottest tourist destinations in the Philippines. Some may even argue that it is the number one travel destination in the country. It attracts thousands of visitors, both local and foreign, yearly. This world-famous island is actually located in Aklan, a southern province in the Philippines. If you are going to visit the island, you will need these tips to help you prepare for your trip

Boracay has been voted the best beach in the world by the Sun Herald and Australia and Harper’s. It is really the perfect getaway. It boasts of white sand, blue waters and palm-tree fringed beaches.


Boracay can be found in the Western Visayas. The island is actually composed of three communities – Yapak, Balabag and Manoc. The Yapak, which can be found in the northern area of Boracay, and the Manoc, which is found in the southern area of the island, are actually hilly elevations. These three communities are connected by intertwining roads, some of which actually lead to the island’s jungles.

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The language spoken by the first settlers in the island is Inati, a Visayan language. When people from nearby regions migrate to Boracay, other languages were used including Aklonan. When the place became a tourist spot, English and Tagalog became the most used languages.

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The economy of Boracay focuses on the tourism industry in the place. The hotel industry and the food industry are two primary contributors to the improving economy of the island. Aside from these, the souvenir stores also contribute to the economic state of the place. Moreover, the international and local flights to the island are important to the island’s economy.

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Before visiting Boracay, you might want to refer to a Boracay general tourist information guide so you would know the perfect time to visit the island. Ideally, you should come for a visit during the months of March, April, May and June, the summer season. It is during these months that the temperature can reach as high as 38 degrees Celsius, so these months are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, boating and diving. The months of November to February are the chilly months, so the island experiences cool nights and windy days during the day. It is, however, rainy from the month of July to October, so you might want to avoid visiting the island during these months.

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Hotels and Resorts

Before visiting the island, you should check out all the hotel options so you will know where to stay in once you are on the island. In fact, you should consider making your reservations as early as possible. Fortunately, there are more than 200 rooms or cabins in Boracay, so you can definitely find something that fits your budget.

BBC Real Estate

If you’re hoping to find legitimate establishments on real estate in Boracay, one of these well-known trustworthy establishments is the BBC Real Estate & Boracay Business Center. This is strategically located in the island of Boracay at the Queen’s Beach Resort (also known as the Boat Station 3) in Ambulong. It offers a wide range of properties for the interested buyers. Aside from this, they also have other services which cater to the needs of potential customers. Such offers deals with land transfer, brokerage, property management, architect, land survey, landscaping, legal advice, rentals, construction contractor, and investment opportunities.

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SPR Real Estate Inc.

Another real estate in Boracay that is worthy to deal with while you are in the island is the SPR Real Estate Inc. which offers you quality properties. A popular Filipino-Swiss firm in the island, this company is included among the best real estate firms within Boracay.

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Boracay Realty

Some of the best commercial and residential properties that are either for lease or for sale in Boracay are offered by Boracay Realty. With a licensed realtor who would be happy to discuss with you the various offers that you can choose from, getting that most suitable place for own vacation house or business can be simpler. This real estate in Boracay can be found at the White Beach of Boracay.

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Boracay Tourist Center

If you’re in the tropical island of Boracay for the first time, it is a must to know where to find the important establishments in Boracay. One of these is the Boracay Tourist Center which not only caters to tourists but also handles the needs of the residents of the island and assists with business affairs of the firms located within the area. Looking for this center is easy. You merely need to go to Mangayad in Manoc-Manoc. It also has a Makati office which is actually the main business center.

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Department of Tourism

The DOT or Department of Tourism is also one of the important establishments in Boracay that you need to learn about. Its field office on the island caters to two principal obligations: One is to cater to the guest or tourist related activities and, two, is to manage and monitor projects of tourism in Boracay. To locate this establishment, just go to D’Mall in Boracay and you’ll see their office.

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Rotary Club of Boracay

Important establishments in Boracay like the Rotary Club and Kiwanis are both very active with its organization. In fact, they usually organize a handful of public activities. These organizations hold meetings once in a week.

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Restaurants - Food

The food in Boracay is as diverse as the nationalities of the tourists visiting it. You will find various cuisines and delicacies – French, German, Spanish, Australian, Belgian, Thai and Chinese. Of course, you will also find sumptuous Filipino dishes as well. You should definitely try Boracay’s fruit shakes which include yellow and green tart mango fruit shakes, pineapple shakes, coconut shakes, banana shakes and even cantaloupe shakes. These are a treat and should not be missed. Foreign tourists especially love these shakes.

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What to Do

There are many things that you can do in Boracay. It is fairly difficult to resist the lure of the beaches of Boracay. Water activities may include windsurfing and parasailing. You can do some star gazing at night and beachcombing during the day. There are dozens of beaches that you can scour at your own pleasure. You can visit White Beach, Diniwid Beach, Cagban Beach, Balinhai Beach and Manoc-manoc beach. You can also work on your tan or spend a leisurely day on the beach just reading a book

Other activities include horseback riding and cycling. You can also enjoy the nightlife activities that the island has to offer. Boracay has a number of bars and discos where you can dance the night away as well.

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Getting There

To visit Boracay, you have to take a 50-minute flight from Manila to Kalibo, Aklan. From this province, you need to travel for two hours by land via bus or jeepney to Caticlan. You will then have to stop to fill up some travel forms before you proceed by boat to the island of Boracay. There are times when airlines offer great discounts on air fares and you should take advantage of these if possible.

Boracay is definitely a place that’s worth a visit. You can’t visit the Philippines without visiting this wonderful piece of paradise that the country has to offer.

When to Go

Traveling to Boracay and staying for a few days or so would be so divine. However, to lessen the stress and tension that usually goes with traveling, it is a must that you know some helpful Boracay travel tips like learning when to go to have the best time in the island. Some prefer going to the island to catch an upcoming festival or popular event. For this, they read up in advance on the calendar of activities offered by Boracay, and set their date of traveling on those days. Others prefer knowing when they can avail of cheaper rates which usually happen during the off-season months, particularly on June up to September.

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Tourist Season

During the tourist season, which usually occurs from the months of December up to June, you better get ready to meet a lot of tourists from all over the globe. This is the best time to have a good camaraderie with other nationalities who share the same love of the island like you.

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Lean Season

Learning about the lean season is one of the important Boracay travel tips. The months of June up to September signal the time for the lean season or off-season time in the island of Boracay. During this time, you would find the place less jampacked unlike the summer, and there are cheaper rates that you can avail of.

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Peak Season

Peak season in Boracay would usually start on the first day of October. This season typically continues up to the months of summer.

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ATMs in Boracay

It is a rule of thumb to be financially well-equipped when you’re in Boracay in order to answer your various needs during your stay. But if you find yourself running low on money, and need a quick access to funds, ATMs in Boracay would be a lifesaver. ATMs can be found in banks around the area such as the Metrobank, Bank of the Philippine Islands, and Allied Bank. There are also ATMs at Boracay D’Mall that you can go to. Be sure, though, to check for your card’s compatibility with the particular ATM you choose to go to in order to ensure a quick and hassle-free transaction.

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What to Bring

In Boracay, you would usually see a dress-down type of attire where a lot of people go around the island in flip-flops or sandals, short pants, tops, beach clothes, cotton shirts, and towels. The idea is to relax and feel cool with your attire. So, pack light. And don’t forget your suntan lotion. However, if you choose to go during the month of December, when the air is cooler, you may want to bring sweat pants, sweaters, and a few shirts to keep you warm especially during the evenings.

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Backpacking in Boracay

Backpacking in Boracay would be more ideal if you know what to do and brought what you need. For starters, it is imperative to dress down in the island. Second, if you’re looking for a certain place within the area, the local folks and foreign residents can be of much help, so go ahead and ask. And third, if you’re on a budget, a lot of eateries in Boracay serve a good cuisine for a cheaper price. Those simple Boracay travel tips can give you a more satisfying stay in the island.

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