From Palawan to Boracay - Philippines

Both Boracay and Palawan are tropical paradise locations in the Philippines. Each of these two popular tourist destinations have their own unique treasures to share. What if you want to experience the wonders and thrills of both tourist destinations? The first concern here would have to be how to travel from Palawan to Boracay. Well go over the best transportation options if ever you want to visit both prime destinations in the country.

The easiest and fastest way to travel from Palawan to Boracay is to go by plane. There are three available flight itineraries if you are coming from Palawan, namely Puerto Princesa City to Caticlan, Cuyo to Caticlan, and Busuanga to Caticlan. There are flights coming from these three locations to the Caticlan airport and then from Caticlan you travel by ferry to Boracay. The ferry from Caticlan to Boracay will only take about 15 minutes and will cost about P100. Prices, which includes fare prices, tend to go up during the peak season so you better choose your travel dates.

The flight from Puerto Princesa will be the easiest since youll be coming from the urban center of the province. The flight from Puerto Princesa to Caticlan will take around two hours and 20 minutes with flights usually scheduled in the afternoons. If ever you had a few tropical escapades in Cuyo your trip from this part of Palawan to Caticlan will also last for two hours and 20 minutes. The flight from Busuanga to Caticlan will take only an hour and a half with flights scheduled twice a week. Ticket costs for flights from Palawan to Boracay will average at P2,600 depending on the season.

Take note that there are more flights from Palawan to Boracay via Caticlan during the peak season. However, you should expect tickets and fares to go up during such time. There may be fewer flights during the off season in Boracay but trips and other costs will be cheaper. Travelers traveling from Palawan to Boracay are advised to choose and plan their trips beforehand and let your travel agent arrange things for you. Everything will be a lot easier that way than figuring things out on your own.

If youre looking for the most colorful way to travel from Palawan to Boracay, then you might as well visit either Cuyo or Busuanga to get in touch with the paradisiacal scenery in Palawan. These are your best options when traveling from Palawan to Boracay. A well-planned trip will allow you to enjoy the best of these two prime destinations in the Philippines.