From Kalibo to Boracay - Philippines

If you're flying from Manila or other locations in the country into Boracay, you'll find many flights scheduled to land on Kalibo. Kalibo is the capital town of Aklan province and is one of the major entry points people take to get to Boracay Island. Here are some of the travel options available to you if you are traveling from Kalibo to Boracay.

Traveling from Kalibo to Boracay will be conducted overland. Different modes of land transportation are available from Kalibo, which of course will have varying fare prices. Your choice will be based on convenience and the cost of travel.

The easiest and most convenient way to travel from Kalibo to Boracay will be to have a travel agent arrange your trip for you. All you will need to do is to locate their staff already waiting for you at the Kalibo airport and walk you through the entire trip. That option will of course cost you a bit. But, those who care less for the cost will find that the most ideal way to make the most of their vacation.

The regular way of traveling from Kalibo to Boracay when you don't have an agent arranging the entire trip is take one of the transportation options from Kalibo to Caticlan. From Caticlan you would have to take the ferry to Boracay. You have at least three land transportation options when you're heading for Caticlan from Kalibo - you either take the bus, air-conditioned van, or travel by jeepney.

If you're looking for the fastest way to travel on your own from Kalibo to Boracay then take any of the vans to Caticlan. The vans won't be that hard to find since there are a lot of them around. Travel is fast and quite convenient since the vans are air-conditioned keeping you out of the humid air. The buses are your second best choice, which include Southwest Tours and Star Express as bus companies that ply the route. The bus fare is slightly cheaper than that for the air-conditioned vans.

Now, if you are looking for really bargain fares, then take a jeepney. However, get into town first then ask people to point you to the jeepney station and then ride all the way to Caticlan. That will save you some money, however it will add a few hours to your travel time plus the trouble of asking around for directions. If you're out to get some interaction with the locals and a bit of an adventure then go for the jeepney.

The cost of travel by van or bus from Kalibo to Boracay is around P200 to P300 for one traveler. Having the entire trip arranged will cost you more, some travel agents would even price the whole trip at P1,000. Going by jeepney will save you about P100. These are your options when traveling from Kalibo to Boracay. Take the ease and cost of the trip when choosing which travel option is better.