From Davao to Boracay - Philippines

For most tourists, the ultimate vacation destination in the Philippines is Boracay most especially during summer time. Not only is it visited by local tourists but also foreign visitors as well. However, before you can party down to this famous island, you have to figure out first how to go there and consider all the options as you march your way to Boracay Island. As you may know, Boracay is located in the Western Visayas which is bordered between Romblon and Mindoro.

If you are traveling from Davao, the best and ideal for you to get there is to travel by place. You have to book a plane flight from the Davao International Airport going to Kalibo Aklan or Caticlan. Either options would take about an hour plane ride. Once you are in Kalibo or Caticlan, you need to ride a banca or a ferry for you to be able to reach the island. Since Caticlan is quite near the port, it would probably take about ten minutes for you to get there. However, if your flight is book to Kalibo, then you will need to take a bus, which can last for about 90 minutes for you to get to Caticlan and eventually to the port. Either ways, once you are already at the port, you need to ride the banca ir the ferry which will take about 20 minutes and will drop you at a boat station in Boracay White Beach. If in certain cases that a flight going to Caticlan or Kalibo is not available, you have the option to either book a flight going to Cebu, which is the easiest way to get to your destination, or book a flight to Manila and then another flight going to Caticlan or Kalibo. The two latter options are a bit complicated and time waster, however, the prize that awaits for you in Boracay is surely worth the travel.

If you are planning to travel by land going to Boracay. You will have to take a ro-ro traveling to iloilo and then directly land at the Caticlan Pier. This will usually take about four to five hours of travel. Once you are there, you can safely leave your car at the pier and then take the 20 minute ferry ride going to Boracay. This mode of travel is practically cheaper than a plane ride, however, it will take long hours before you reach to your destination. But for those who are willing and enjoys traveling by land, this is also a good option. Even though it make take a long while before you reach Boracay, the anticipation is something you would never regret.

Once you are already at the Boracay Island, you will be greeted with several transportation options that are readily available for you. Depending on wherever you are headed for, you can make use of the tricycle that can take you anywhere you wish to go. If you are a large group, you can go for the vans available for rent. Also, you can go for boat rides to carry you wherever you want.