From Cebu to Boracay - Philippines

There are various options when traveling from Cebu to Boracay. These two Philippine islands arent that far apart when you look at them on a map. There are rather quick and easy ways to get from Cebu to Boracay and there are rather slow cruising modes of transportation for those who are into a bit of an adventure along the way.

The easiest way to get to Boracay is to travel by plane. Since you wont find a direct flight from Cebu to Boracay you will have to fly to Caticlan. The airfare to Caticlan from Cebu will only cost a little over P1,000, which ranges from P1,100 for economy class and business class flights slated around P5,500.

Flights from Cebu are usually scheduled in the afternoon. A direct flight will only take about an hour to get to Caticlan and then you ferry a boat to Boracay, which will only take about 15 minutes. You should check with different airline companies to compare prices and get better deals. Take advantage of various promotional flight fares whenever theyre available. Finding the jetty port at Caticlan wont be that hard.

If you cant find a direct flight to Caticlan, which may happen during the peak season, you should check other alternatives. For instance, you may book a flight to Iloilo when traveling from Cebu to Boracay. From Iloilo you may travel by land to get to Caticlan either on a bus or jeepney. The ticket cost for flying to Iloilo from Cebu is around P1,000. The plane trip will usually last just about an hour. The bus or jeepney fare from Iloilo to Caticlan will cost about P500.

There are those who ask if there is another travel option to go from Cebu to Boracay, specifically asking for a possible travel by boat. The sad thing is that there are no shipping or ferry companies that take this route. If you insist on traveling by boat from Cebu to Boracay then your option is to get to Iloilo by boat and then take the land travel from Iloilo to Caticlan.

This would be the travel option from Cebu to Boracay for those who are budget conscious. Since the trip will last about 14 hours this may yet be your most exhilarating mode of transportation provided you have time to spare.. Regular fare by boat from Cebu will cost less than P1,000. Once you land on Iloilo you take the regular mode of land transportation to get to Caticlan then Boracay.

These are your transportation options when traveling from Cebu to Boracay. Remember to check with different airlines or shipping companies in the Philippines to get better deals. There travel options for those who want to get there really quick and there are transportation options for those who have the time to spare and see the countryside.