D Mall D Boracay in Boracay - Philippines

There are many beach vendors that can be found around Boracays White Beach. Then again, the shopping activity is not limited there. Full stop to D Mall D Boracay is required to see through Boracay retailers at their best.

D Mall D Boracay is the largest shopping center in the area. It is very accessible from the White Beach area, about a five-minute ride away via multicab. D Mall D Boracay is packed with gift shops here and there offering unique items and souvenir stuffs that every traveler can bring along back home. Aside from fashion items, there are also specialty products that show off how skilled the locals are in creating handicrafts.

Tie-dye shirts, famous among beach goers anywhere, is a popular item in the fashion market of D Mall D Boracay. For interesting items that you can bring home as souvenirs, you can check out Wiggles, a specialty shop that offers a wide variety of products from accessories to wood carvings to bags and sarongs. Speaking of sarong, it is not a problem if you take the trip to Boracay with no swimwear in the luggage. That is because beach clothing is aplenty at D Mall D Boracay.

For shoppers who are more into home decors, you can surely find your place at D Mall D Boracay as well. Juan Lu is a famous boutique for anything and everything that you can use to decorate your house. Funky lighting, wind chimes, and dream catchers sell like hotcakes here.

But if there is a dry aspect of shopping at D Mall D Boracay, there is also the wet aspect to it. The supermarket offers fresh produce grown and harvested by the locals themselves. There is an abundant supply of seafood plus fresh fruits and veggies as well. Meat products are also sold in the supermarket.

After a day of shopping, you would surely get tired and hungry at some point. Not to worry because D Mall D Boracay also has lots of food stalls that can satisfy your every food craving. Food outlets that you are used to seeing at the metro can be found here. There are also restaurants offering local fare for more of the Boracay feel.

When you visit D Mall D Boracay, make sure that you have money to spend. As most of the items there would be too hard to resist, you will have to buy something before you go your way out.