Crystal Cove in Boracay - Philippines

Crystal Cove Boracay is an isolated island found between Caticlan and Boracay. Occupying two hectares of land, it stands on solid rock surrounded by crystal green waters. Aside from the native huts and island statues, the main attractions of the island are its two caves.

The first cave highlights smooth rocks and a pool that leads to the sea. The second cave showcases a small tunnel which allows visitors to view the coral shores which likewise leads to the sea. In order to enter Crystal Cove, one would have to pay PHP 100.00.

From the Island proper, one would have to rent a boat that would take them to the southern tip of Boracay where Crystal Cove is located. Unfortunately, there is no food that is being served in the spot so guests would have to bring their own food and drinks. The place is likewise ideal for picnic and for taking some pictures.

For those who are first timers in visiting Crystal Cove Boracay, here are some of the activities that can be done in the place:

The place is ideal for taking pictures as one can have a panoramic sight of the South China Sea. The sunset and sunrise is likewise breathtaking. Visitors should make sure that they have spare films or memory cards so they can appreciate the beauty of nature.

For visitors who would like to eat their lunch or enjoy their favorite food, there are picnic tables spread out all over the place. Entrance to the grounds is free but there are fees for cooking and service.

Crystal Cove Boracay provides working visitors an opportunity to relax and free themselves from their hectic schedule. They can also cuddle up in one place and read their favorite book.

The refreshing waters within the caves is ideal for snorkeling or swimming. The place is home to a wide variety of fishes as well as beautiful corals or rock formations.

For health and fitness buffs, there is a walking trail around the place.

Crystal Cove Boracay likewise has its share of shops where guests could buy souvenirs to take home with them when they return to Manila or anywhere in the country. Some of the favorite items on sale in the island are hand-painted shirts with designs that are exclusive to the place and cannot be found in any other venue in Boracay.

In conclusion, Crystal Cove Boracay is definitely one place that tourists should always include in their itinerary in order to make their trip to Boracay worthwhile and meaningful.