Boracay Sightseeing - Philippines

Boracay Island is a perfect getaway from a busy lifestyle, away from work and home. It is a dream island for a pleasurable vacation where one can find nature’s beauty and its tranquility.

Boracay is a white beach island hemmed with palm trees lining its 4 kilometer beach coasts with powdery white sand and crystal warm waters. The Boracay Island also has picturesque lush hilly landscapes with a lot of destinations for sightseeing.

Boracay Island is endowed with finest natural beautiful spots to see and diving sites that attract many locals and foreign tourists alike. In fact, the beauty of Boracay is voted as one the world’s beast beach by Sun Herald, an Australian newspaper, the Tropical Beach Handbook, the Harper’s and the British TV Quick that was captivated by Boracay Island’s magical beauty.

Boracay Island has many beautiful hot spots for sightseeing. Make sure to drop by and visit each to find a pleasurable encounter with Boracay Island’s natural beauty and sightseeing spots.

The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is one of these attractions and is becoming a favorite destination of tourists. It is a tropical garden that houses different butterflies of about 200 to 300 species. One can also find about 150 botanical species that are often labeled with information for visitors to read.

A tourist guide is there to assist and explain to the visitors some relevant information such as breeding plants and the butterfly’s life cycle which can be observed from the garden’s nursery.

Visitors are free to go around the garden and ask the knowledgeable guide questions while picture taking is allowed with the beautiful butterflies around and plant species. There are also garden seats for the visiting tourists to sit on to relax while watching butterflies flying freely around the garden.

Near the garden is a restaurant that offers refreshments to visitors with a relaxing atmosphere that overlook the Bolabog Beach where one can swim and snorkel. The butterfly Garden is also a common stop over for Island Hopping Boat Tours.

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The Kingfisher’s Farm

The Kingfisher’s Farm is another place worth visiting in Boracay. Located at the island’s narrowest point, it is just a 10 minute walk from the main road. Hemmed with mangrove and coves, the Kingfisher’s farm is the Boracay Island’s only theme park that features a Filipino fish farm.

One can get amused watching milkfish jumping while relaxing on the farm’s cabanas or bonsai garden. Nature lovers will like the ambience of the Kingfisher’s farm while enjoying great food that allows visitors to fish for their foods and grill it themselves.

Great entertainment such as billiards, mahjong, darts, card games and tennis are also available on the farm. This tourist attraction of Boracay Island takes visitors close to nature without the action packed activities on the white beach shores with many birds and natural beauty to see around which is perfect for relaxation and unwinding from a busy lifestyle.

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The Boracay Bats

From the northern shore of Boracay Island is Barangay Yapak that serves as a haven place for Boracay bats. A nature walk going to this place will lead to a less inhabited place of the Island where three dominant bat species are found namely the golden crowned flying fox, the Philippine giant flying fox and the variable flying fox. Many visitors have experienced sitting on the shore and watch these bats fly over during sunset.

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Boracay Island’s Puka Beach

Along the north coasts of Boracay Island is the Puka Beach where one can enjoy a more serene ambience that offers a place for perfect relaxation and privacy. The beach offers less commotion and has a small cave that gives thrill seekers the opportunity to experience getting inside a pitch black core of the cave.

Although the coral beach is not as a mesmerizing as the main Boracay Island, Puka Beach offers great serenity that is mostly appreciated by tourists who want to enjoy more privacy and complete relaxing moment.

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Crocodile Island

A favorite destination in Boracay is Crocodile Island, so called of its rugged coasts that similarly look like a sleeping crocodile where snorkeling is possible about 6 kilometers away.

Whether one likes to shop, party, enjoy good entertainment and night life, close encounter with nature, diving and swimming, Boracay Island has it all. It is a magical Island where one gets a pleasurable encounter with nature and beauty of an island vacation.

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Willy’s Rock

Wondering what to see and do in Boracay? One of Boracay’s tourist spots is the Willy’s Rock which is an interesting piece of volcanic formation located at Station 1 of White Beach. From the beautiful shore of the island, this spot is about ten meters or more in distance – making it accessible to those who would like to take photos of the rock. There is rich vegetation surrounding it, and a statue of Virgin Mary on top.

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Flying Fish Boat Ride

A typical offer of the Flying Fish Boat Ride may take about a mere fifteen minutes - trip that would amount to around P600 per person. Minimum number of people is around three (3), while the maximum is around six (6) people for the ride. The amount is not bad for a memorable ride. This is truly a good option to choose if you are thinking of other options on what to see and do in Boracay.

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Snorkeling at Crocodile Island

Famous for its name and look, the Crocodile Island in Boracay is one of the ideal places to snorkel and enjoy the clear waters of the island. Aptly called as such because of its form (it resembles the shape of a crocodile’s head), it is considered to be one of Boracay’s tourist spots usually frequented by guests, tourists, and locals who like to engage in snorkeling, diving, or other water sport activities. An hour’s worth of snorkeling is typically pegged at around P500 to explore the southern part of Crocodile Island. Rentals for equipments are offered: Snorkel and the mask are offered around a hundred in Philippine pesos (P100). An additional amount of P35 per person is required for the protection of the area.

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Boracay Sunsets

Before ending the day in Boracay, there is still one more thing to include in your list of what to see and do in Boracay: Gazing dreamily at the Boracay sunsets. While you can enjoy the sunset anywhere you go, seeing it among different spots in Boracay can give you a heartwarming and peaceful mood that you may want to relive again and again. Bring your camera for this part and be ready to take photos of the sunset in different areas of Boracay’s tourist spots – like White Beach and Crocodile Island, for instance.

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Fairways and Blue Water

It is a five-star resort located at Newcoast, Balabag that offers not only wonderful accommodations but also various kinds of activities in Boracay. You can go golfing on their exquisite golf course filled with green fairways and awesome water features like rushing waterfalls, sparkling lakes, and gurgling creeks. They also have water sports that you can enjoy like riding in a banana boat, water skiing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. The resort also offers scenic tours to Bat Cave, Buslugan Cave, and Crystal Cove where the preserved wildlife of the island can be seen. Their Butterfly Garden that is full of unique collections of butterfly species is open to all of the guests in the resort. Horseback riding is also offered where both novice and trained riders can enjoy a ride around the golf course and down to the beach.

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Greenyard Funboard Center

Windsurfing and kitesurfing are popular activities in Boracay and Greenyard Funboard Center has been serving patrons of these activities for almost 20 years now. They feature the latest boards from famous manufacturers such as F2 and JP. They also have the state-of-the-art sails from Neil Pryde and beautiful kites from Cabrinha Kites. Lessons for windsurfing as well as kitesurfing is also available where qualified instructors are responsible for your success as a kiter or windsurfer.

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Habagat Kiteboarding

A kiteboarding center that is located at Bulabug Beach also known as 'the other side of the island'. Kiteboarding is one of the newest activities in Boracay that guests can enjoy fully and Habagat Kiteboarding is one of the firsts to offer this to tourists. They offer rentals of kite gears such as F-One and Gaastra. Kiteboarding lessons are also provided since the center is IKO certified.

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Mistral Funboard Center

The center is offering the two most popular activities in Boracay - windsurfing and kiteboarding. Located on the beach with the wind blowing from 12 to 20 knots, the center is an ideal place to learn and enjoy windsurfing. Beginners can enjoy the waves of flat and shallow waters while advance as well as pros can enjoy surfing to their heart's content on rolling to breaking waves. Gear rentals are available and lessons for both beginners and advanced surfers are also provided in three languages. Kiteboarding is also offered where their gears are supplied by Naish-Kites.

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Hangin Kiteboarding

Hangin Kiteboarding is the first to offer kiteboarding activities in Boracay. They provide tourists with the best quality of professional services for kiteboarding using the top line equipment from Cabrinha. They have two centers in the island - North and Hangin Cabrinha. They also offer training on kiteboarding since they are IKO licensed.

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There are many interesting things to mention when you want to know what to see and do in Boracay, Philippines. One of these must-try experiences is to watch a highly entertaining and popular sport known as the cock-fighting sessions held there in the island. Although things may get a little bloody and violent with the fight of opposing gamecocks in the arena, many (mostly, men) still flock to this event and never fail to make a bet in great hopes to win a suitable amount of money after the match. The collector of the bets is known as the “Christo.”

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Sandcastles on the Beach

Building sandcastles on the beach is a favorable must-try experience and should be included in your list of what to see and do in Boracay. You do not need to be an expert, though. If you merely would like to observe, there are competitions being held that you may want to check out to encourage the creativity of the people who visit this place for a much-needed vacation. You may be surprised that visitors come from different countries like Europe and Australia not only to check out the white sand or marine life but also to enjoy the breathtaking creations of sandcastles on the beach.

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If you know how to windsurf, Boracay is the place to go to enjoy this sport. Aside from leisurely windsurfing, you can also join or (just) watch an exciting windsurfing event which takes place annually. At the eastern side of Boracay, be a participant or an audience to a windsurfing event which takes place in Bulabug Beach during the high season. Sponsored by a respected windsurfing group known as the AWT or the Asian Windsurfing Tour, this Boracay Funboard Cup event welcomes males and females. Participants usually come from the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Indonesia.

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Island Hopping

Offers on island hopping are numerous in Boracay. To really have a memorable trip, and still have money for your other expenses while on the island, it may be wise to avail of an inexpensive offer that would typically cost around five hundred in Philippine pesos (P500). That offer would include snorkeling equipment, island hopping tour, drinks, and buffet lunch. Offers such as these are usually meant for a whole day of traveling, snorkeling, and enjoying the sites.

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Crystal Cove

A two hectare tropical get-away in a secluded and peaceful place where you can be more in tune with nature is offered by the Crystal Cove Island. Located at the Boracay coast, a lot of partying and fun go on in this paradise island of solid rock.

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Before you leave the island, you must not fail to have a hiking activity as one of the things included in your what to see and do in Boracay. This is a very favorable way to check out the uncharted territories and take photos of the tourist spots that you would be able to see on foot. A good hiking itinerary should include traveling from Angol Point to the highest part of Boracay known as Mount Luho. To prepare for more challenging routes, you may have to take a trusted guide who could help show you the easiest way and give you helpful tips.

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Massage on the Beach

Having a massage on the beach of the island is one of the most relaxing things to see and do in Boracay. If you get this offer from one of the older ladies at the beach, an hour of a relaxing, good massage may cost you about P200 to P300. If you would like to have your massage done inside your hotel room, there are in-house therapists available who would be happy to give you an hour’s massage which could cost about P400.

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Hair Braiding

Hair braiding services are offered widely in Boracay. Residents, visitors, and tourists who flock to this place find that for around three hundred pesos (P300) or more, you can already enjoy this service and get a half portion or the whole portion of your head in interesting cornrows of braids. The amount actually depends on your hair length and your choice of a full or half hair braiding service.

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White Beach

One of the reasons why most people like to visit and come back to the island of Boracay is because of its alluring and popular White Beach with its white stretch of sand. There is also a commercial center in the area that everyone can go to.

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Mt. Luho

Having a glimpse of Mt. Luho is another of those exciting things to see and do in Boracay. This is actually a small grassy mountain which has a walkway and a tower for viewing offered to those who choose to go to this place. At the viewing tower, you would be able to enjoy the sights of the Fairways and Bluewaters Golf Course, the Bolabog Beach, and the ocean. You can go to this place by hiking, riding a mountain bike, or hailing a tricycle which may cost around P150 for the trip.

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Dead Forest

Residents who have been staying in the island for years know that the Dead Forest was once a mangrove swamp located at the eastern part of Boracay. Older locals may even tell you that this place is believed to be somewhat enchanted since there are tales of spirits, ghosts, and other supernatural entities that roam the area especially when the moon is full.

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Bat Caves

Of the numerous things to see and do in Boracay, going to the Bat Cave can be a hair-raising and thrilling event that you should not miss. You can get maps and tour guide offers for this trip to see the giant fruit bats. It may be wise to bring a flashlight with you, and be sure to watch your step since there are some parts in the cave which may be damp, steep, slippery, and dangerous. Aside from the payment for your guide, you may need to shell out around P200 for the entry fee for the landowners which, perhaps, may help in the upkeep of the cave.

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Bicycle Rental

Boracay is famous for its bicycle rental offer that takes you around different scenic routes that may be fairly easy or a bit challenging to do in the island of Boracay. Basically, you may go on dirt roads, native villages, coconut groves, and steep pathways that never fail to show breathtaking picture-perfect views. Rentals are pegged at around two dollars (USD 2.00) to twelve dollars (USD 12.00) for an hour’s activity of mountain biking. The bicycles are often offered for this activity, but you may also choose to bring your own.

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Tennis Court

You may find two tennis courts to suit your love of the sport. An hour of playing at the courts, which can be found near Nigi Nigi, amounts to four dollars (USD 4.00). If you didn’t bring your own equipment, you may rent tennis balls and rackets in good condition for a small fee.

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Dragon Boating

Ever since its introduction in the year 2001, the dragon boating sport has been a popular event in Boracay. There are annual competitions for this sport that helped promote the island as a good sports destination for many sports enthusiasts from all over the globe. In 2004, this became its main sport.

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Professional kayakers and novice enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy this sport. Although you may always come anytime to engage in kayaking, you must bear in mind that there are certain times that would be best for white water kayaking or sea kayaking. The former can be done during the months of July up to November. The latter is best during the summer season. As one of the most favorable sports to do in the island of Boracay, the rental rates to remember for visiting the Puffins or sea kayaks are: USD 30.00 per day or USD 8.00 an hour for Singles; USD 32.00 a day or USD 12.00 an hour for Doubles.

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You shouldn’t be losing your numerous options on what to do in the island of Boracay. There’s the skimboarding sport that not only adults are welcome to try. Interested kids can also take part in this sport. Rental offers for skimboards can be garnered from various places in White Beach, Boracay.

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From December up to February, you may enjoy yet another sport to make your trip complete. And that’s kiteboarding in Bulabog Beach, Boracay. There are two hours to around three days - course for this sport offered by Ocean Republic. If you’re a novice, it may be wise to avail of this short course. Rentals of the needed equipment are also given for a nominal amount.

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Glass Bottom Boat

One of the exciting things to do in Boracay is to try the Glass Botto Boat Tour with family, friends, or your special someone. The price may be a bit steep: Around P750 per person ages six and above, P300 for children below six years old. The tour takes about a few hours, starting at two (2 pm) in the afternoon up to four (4 pm). Prior to that, a meeting time at 1:30 pm is required – to see that everyone for the trip is present before boarding the boat at Station 3. The boat’s capacity is around sixteen (16) people. Refreshments and drinks are offered on-board.

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Sport Fishing

Boracay is mainly a spot mainly for boating, diving, snorkeling, and other marine sports. Even though it is not really that popular as a fisherman’s spot for sport fishing, there are still many areas around the island that one can go to in order to enjoy this particular sport. You may avail of a helpful guide in the Red Pirates Pub for tips and recommendations on the areas where fishes thrive.

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Mountain Bike Tours

Taking on a mountain bike tour is yet another of those exciting things to do in Boracay. Pro bikers and novices can participate in these tours. For the latter, guided tours are offered which can take the beginner through coconut groves, dirt roads, challenging areas, and back to the white sands of the beach. The number of sports centers in the area offer rentals for the mountain bikes. Tours may be about twenty five (25) kilometers or so.

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Trekking to the rainforest of Boracay can be an enlightening and exciting activity. Trekking tours to the mountains and rain forests in nearby Panay Island are available. The experience of seeing tribal villages in the area and finding the breathtaking waterfalls is really something memorable to behold for the professionals and beginners who would choose to participate in this activity.

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Paraw Sailing

The boat used for the Paraw sailing activity is actually known as an outrigger canoe that is typically made from bamboo and wood. It is a thrilling water sport activity to take part in. An hour of this sport would be around P500.

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Boracay Outdoor Adventures

For the other choices on the exciting things to do in Boracay, here are more choices: Playing beach volleyball, engaging in soccer, playing golf, yachting, speed boating, paddle boating, kayaking, diving, wind surfing, and many more. There are so many offers that may suit your preferences for thrills, fees, and experience.

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Banana Boats

Riding the banana boats is one of the highly popular things to see and do in Boracay. The tour would take around fifteen minutes, and would cost around P150 per individual. Its minimum capacity is around 4 people.

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Spa and Massage

Beach ladies offering massage can be seen on certain parts of the island. The fee may be around P200 to about P300 for an hour’s massage sprawled on the sands of the island while the beach ladies knead and massage every part of your body. If you choose to have a more private massage experience, you may avail of the in-house therapists in the spas. A massage for an hour would amount to about P400. Some visitors find the massage from the in-house therapists more relaxing than those from the ladies on the beach. But there are also a number of visitors who claim to have a good massage experience with the beach ladies and would be happy to come back for more when the time permits.

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Horseback Riding

Another favorite of many people for the things to see and do in Boracay is the horseback riding activity. For most, it’s the best way to explore the island. Experienced riders can choose to ride on their own as they go around the areas. You can choose a friendly horse to ride on from the horse riding stable in Boracay. Group horseback riding is also available for those who would like to ride with their family or friends. An hour’s ride costs around USD10, but there are also certain discounts given to children and bookings of a group riding activity.

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Fruit Bats

Fruit bats thrive on the northern part of Boracay. The best time to ride over to that part of the island is during sunset when you can peacefully watch the fruit bats in awe. Daytime viewing may only disrupt the normal sleeping habits of these animals.

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Henna Tattoos

A fashionable thing to do in the island is to get a henna tattoo. It may be a nice and inexpensive thing to do to remind of you of your stay in Boracay. However, it is not long lasting since these tattoos rub off after sometime. So, in order to forever remember that henna tattoo, you may want to take a photo of it to preserve its artistic beauty.

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Mandala Spa

The Mandala Spa is a Boracay attraction that is a welcome feast for both the body and the soul. It provides a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere to make you feel less tense and tired. Accommodations for the villas can be made in advance. A massage to calm your nerves and give you the needed energy you would need is provided by the in-house therapists. There are also lots of vegetarian and other health foods to suit your tastes for food that nourish your mind and body. There is also a yoga class that would last for an hour to help achieve balance and a healthy well-being.

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Helicopter Adventures

Another spectacular Boracay attraction among many visitors who come to this island is the helicopter adventures that can be availed at the Boracay Heliport which is close to Cagban Port. The air tour is usually in the hands of a professional pilot. The fees vary according to the choice of adventure. Tour choices include sunset tours, beach tours (going to White Beach would cost around P3,500 per person), inter-island tours (that would typically amount to about P5,300 per individual), and also charter flights.

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Golf Courses

An afternoon of fun at the golf course in Boracay is perfect for those who would like to steer clear for awhile from the busy afternoons at work. Golf lovers can spend the whole afternoon at the Fairways and Blue Waters. Complemented with lush greenery, waterfall, gurgling creeks, and tranquil lakes, this 18-hole par 72 golf course, designed by Graham Marsh, is really one of the best adventure features in Boracay.

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Another fun-filled experience can be yours if you choose to check out the jet ski adventure in this island. Rentals for the jet skis would cost around USD 70 for an hour. However, you may have to check about the recommended sites that you can use your jet skis because some offers only are good for certain areas in Boracay.

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Another Boracay attraction is the speedboat adventure. As such, speedboats transfer tours are especially popular in Boracay, and remains up to now as one of Boracay’s must-try activities. Typically, transfers are offered from airport arrivals to Caticlan land transport. There are also offers on private transfers with or without an escort. One of the vehicles used is provided by the Bada Bong Speedboat which has a capacity of around nine people. Prices vary for private transfer per person ranging from 1,937 PHP to 5,700 PHP. Other offers on speed boat adventures may cost around 3,500 PHP for an hour’s trip.

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Fifteen minutes of parasailing can be garnered in Boracay’s island. That would cost around 3,500 PHP. To have a relaxing travel around the island, it would be best to avail of this adventure when the weather is calm. On windy days, you may also avail of this sport but you may have to expect a more thrilling and challenging ride on Boracay’s waters.

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