Boracay Shopping - Philippines

Aside from swimming in its pristine beaches, there are other worthwhile activities that can be done in Boracay. For those who are looking for other things to do in the island, shopping can be an enjoyable activity to do in Boracay as well.

Boracay shopping can be one hell of an experience. It boasts of many shopping centers that offers a wide array of products from clothes to home decors. There are establishments that sell various kinds of footwear ranging from sandals, designer shoes, or slippers.

Shopping is an enjoyable activity in Boracay. Aside from souvenir shirts, there are paintings, handicrafts, garments, jewelries, and furniture. Bargain shopping gives more excitement to the activity.

Boracay Tourist Center

One of the most visited and popular shopping places in the island, the Boracay Tourist Center features several souvenir shops that offer affordable keepsakes like souvenir shirts, chimes and key chains. In addition to these shops, the place has a mini mart where travelers can buy basic commodities. Other services offered at the tourist center are private postal services, travel and tours as well as money transfer. Moreover, the place has a photo shop where travelers can develop their photographs. Foreigners can also find currency exchange at the site. Situated at Manggayad, the place is accessible to any form of land transportation.

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Shopping in Boracay will never be complete without visiting the principal shopping centers. Here are the most recommended places to shop at in Boracay.

Talipapa Market

This venue is well-renowned for its collection of the best lamps, bags, clothes, and accessories. One of the most frequented establishments in this venue is the tattoo shop which is a favorite hang out of people who would like their bodies to be tattoed. Talipapa Market provides the best opportunity for haggling. The shops in this place are symmetrically arranged and positioned beside each other.

This is the biggest market in Boracay. Its literal meaning is “small market.” Talipapa stretches 400 meters from White Beach to the Main Road. A new extension of Talipapa Market has been constructed recently but compared to the original shop, it is much more expensive and less beautiful.

D’Mall D Boracay

Situated at Station 2, tourists can easily find the place because it is at the center of White Beach. ravelers who want to unwind and relax can spend some time at D’Mall, the most popular mall in the island. The place features numerous boutiques and restaurants. One of the shops that can be seen at the D’Mall is Nothing But Water. For refreshments, consumers can dine at restaurants like Lemon Café, Cyma and Aria. There are also retail stores at the mall that offer native products. Consumers can also find swimwear at this place. Souvenirs and keepsakes are available at the shops inside the mall. Travelers have nothing to worry about running out of cash when they shop at the mall since there are several automated teller machines available at the place. Aside from these, there are moneychangers at D’Mall.

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Beach Vendors

Travelers who are in search for affordable merchandises can visit the vendors at the beaches of Boracay. At the White Beach, people can find numerous vendors selling affordable grilled dishes and shawarma. In addition, there are vendors who sell keepsakes like bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Other souvenirs that people can purchase from these shops are key chains. Beach vendors at the island also offer handicrafts and woven merchandises. The prices of items at beach vendors range from Php 10 to Php 200.

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Funky Lighting

Tourists who want to purchase unique and attractive lamps should take a tour to retail store of Funky Lighting. The lamps are made from different materials like papers and mango leaves. Most of the items offered at this store are handmade. The prices of lamps at Funky Lighting range from Php 200 to Php 800. One of the most popular and attractive products available at the store is the Gecko lamp. For the comfort of consumers, the shop offers free shipment of items if customers purchase numerous products at Funky Lighting. Tourists will not have a hard time finding the place because it is situated at the famous mall in the island, D’Mall.

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Kaycee Shoes

Are you looking for distinct and attractive sandals? Then the best place to see in the island is the Kaycee Shoes. Consumers can choose the design that they like. A pair of sandals at the store can cost Php 150 to Php 300. The staff at the store also repairs broken bags and shoes. The store of Kaycee Shoes is located between Station 1 and 2 at D’Mall in White Beach. The shop is near to McSandro’s restaurant. The place is very popular so tourists can also ask locals about the location of the shop if they are having problems finding Kaycee Shoes.

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One of the shopping plazas at Station 2 in White Beach, the Plazoleta is known for selling native crafts and arts. The stores at the plaza are popular for offering handicrafts. Some of the items offered at the stores attractive lanterns and jewelry. In addition to these, it is known for selling beautiful sarongs. The prices of products offered at this place range between 50 pesos to 500 pesos. Storeowners are very approachable and friendly so tourists can easily find the items that they want to buy.

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Lonely Planet

Tourists who are looking for attractive and native house furnishing should visit Lonely Planet. The retail shop has several branches at White Beach. One of the branches is found at Plazoleta and another is located at D’Mall. Some of the merchandises offered at the shop are wall hangings, lampshades, ornaments, carvings and cushions. In addition to these items, customers can also find tablewear and rugs. Most of the products at the shop are Philippine made while some are imported from India and Thailand. The price range of merchandises at the store is 100 pesos to 1,000 pesos.

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Django Leathercrafts

Django Leathercrafts is one of the retails shops at Plazoleta in White Beach. This store is notable for selling high quality and beautiful handmade leather bags. The place is owned by a local musician named Django. Since the owner of the place is a musician, people can find musical instruments at the store like guitars. Other products offered at the store are jewelry made from beads and puka shells. The products at this place have distinct styles. The prices of handbags at Django Leathercrafts start at 1,500 pesos.

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When looking for crafts, Juan Lu is definitely the best establishment to visit. Crystal Shack is the best place to search for silver jewelries.

When it comes to shopping, Boracay is limited to local products and basic items and it is unlikely for tourists to have the time to buy branded items, electronic or designer goods and there are several places to look for them. Boracay shopping is laid back and low key. One cannot find plazas or huge establishments and goods are usually artistic and cheap.

Boracay is well-renowned for puka shells, which originate from Puka Beach is turned into necklaces and bracelets. There are second hand bookshops that provide an excellent reading material while basking in the sun.

Boracay is a favorite destination because of its white sandy beaches. But for those who love shopping, the island has its share of shops that will surely make a visit to Boracay worthwhile and memorable. Whether your aim is to simply look around, buy souvenirs, or local items, Boracay can have your fill.