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Education is really important when it comes to learning things that are applicable career-wise. That is why Boracay has its own schools for higher education that are set to offer its best in developing ones abilities and know-how in their chosen professions. Many who have set foot in the halls of the numerous Boracay universities are now enjoying the fruits of their labor when there were still studying in these colleges. But what about those people who do not know where to go? Here are some choices for those who are interested in studying in this place where the sea and white sand never fail to beckon anyone who wishes to go for a dip, and juggle the joys of college life and the pleasures of nature.

Aklan State University

One of these Boracay universities is Aklan State University (ASU), with its main campus the largest of of its other campuses located in Banga, Aklan. Here, you would get to study many courses that would prove to be handy later in life. These courses include agriculture, arts and sciences, education, fishery, engineering, and technology. Formerly known to the local residents as ACSA or the Aklan State College of Agriculture and the AAC or the Aklan Agricultural College, it holds five campuses all with the best facilities for its students.

Boasting of its four decades and 9-year existence in the province, is Kalibo Aklans Northwestern Visayan Colleges which, from April 7, 1948 and up to now, still stands proud and tall. This college is actually a private non-sectarian institution where higher learning is given its due importance as exemplified by its many students.

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STI College Kalibo

For those who are adept at basic programming and the like, or those who wish to enroll in a management course for future use, STI College Kalibo would be the most appropriate choice. For twenty five years, STI has been synonymous with expert training and development in terms of information technology or IT among its other Boracay universities within the area. But that is not the only course that you would get to enroll in if you go to this college. As such, this college has truly earned its niche in teaching a wide variety of courses such as Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Healthcare, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Education, Engineering, Business and Management.

Aklan Academy

Aklan Academy is a prestigious Boracay school that can be found in the capital of Aklan, which is Kalibo. Particularly, you can see this academy at F. Quimpo at Poblacion, Kalibo. The number to call to get in touch with its friendly staff is (036) 268-4320.

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Aklan Catholic College

Another establishment that you should not forget to take a look at if youre thinking of what college to go to is the Aklan Catholic College. One of the earliest Boracay universities and colleges in the province, this school started opening its doors to eager students since July 9, 1945. With only 180 students when it started 90 each in both the elementary and collegiate levels it has continuously developed a curriculum that honed its students to the best of their abilities. This is known to be the first college in Aklan to offer law and graduate school courses to the local residents.

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Garcia College of Technology

Founded in 1968, the Garcia College of Technology (GCT) is still among those Boracay universities and colleges that you need to examine further. This academic institution was the first engineering institution in Aklan and is, mostly, a family-owned business with the successors of its earliest founders holding certain positions in the college. Courses that are offered include Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering; Commerce with majors in Business Management and Accounting; Industrial Education, HRM, Computer Science, and vocational courses. What is most interesting with this college is its college seal which actually symbolizes its first few courses that it started with before it offered computer courses and other courses to its students.

These Boracay universities truly have its own unique sense of offering mental, physical, and psychological developments to the many students in Aklan. That is why one should know what course to take up before joining in the fun and learning that you would be able to get from these diverse group of colleges and universities that has long been offering education to the best of the abilities and joint efforts of the schools faculty and staff.

Aklan National College of Fisheries

The Aklan National College of Fisheries can be seen at New Washington in Aklan. This particular college is run by the state, and mainly offers teaching and assistance for the development of the student’s knowledge about fisheries. This prestigious Boracay school was built at the Magsaysay Boulevard in New Washington, and still operate professionally in the area. Many students enroll every time. And the school aims to give its best by teaching, assisting, developing, and encouraging its students in their scholastic experience.

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Aklan Polytechnic Institute

Just like other schools in Aklan, the Aklan Polytechnic Institute also holds its office at Kalibo. Finding it is really simple. Just go to Quezon Avenue of Kalibo and you will see this prestigious school which holds numerous students. In case you would like to inquire about the fees, enrollment, and other matters, the numbers to be reached include (036) 26232-02 for its phone number, and (036) 262-32-02 for its fax number.

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