Bite Club Burgers in Boracay - Philippines

Boracay has become a favorite tourist hot spot simply because of its pristine, white beaches. However, this tourist place has also become an attraction for restaurateurs to put up different eating spots in the area, as tourists are always willing to have a pleasurable dining experience to top off their vacation. Bite Club Burgers is one of the casual, relaxing places in Boracay that serves the food most tourists love the most; grilled burgers.

Bite Club Burgers is known for being one of the best burger places in Boracay. This restaurant has become famous through word-of-mouth advertising. This low-key restaurant has indeed gained popularity because of the positive reviews made by both loyal patrons and first-time guests. Bite Club Burgers serves grilled burgers each in their own unique tastes and recipes. Certainly, the taste of the burgers at Bite Club Burgers is far from the average fast food burgers that we are all familiar with.

bite club burger Boracay

This is how it works in the Bite Club Burgers: guests get to choose one main type of burger, each having its own unique size, and then they get to choose another topping to complete their burger. For instance, their simplest burger patty is the Club Burger, a one-fourth pound patty, and guests may choose the topping they prefer. Such toppings, among others, include the Mushroom Pepper Gravy, Cream Cheddar, Blue Cheese Cream and the Hickory BBQ Sauce. The Club Burger is priced at 115 pesos, while the Bomberella, a one-half pound patty stuffed with mozzarella cheese, costs 130 pesos with topping. The largest burger in Bite Club Burgers, the Triple X, is a one-pound burger that costs 285 pesos. Side dishes also include potato wedges and French fries, while non-burger sandwiches include the chicken, fish fillet and steak sandwich.

Their gargantuan servings of burgers have attracted many visitors, as the servings are perfect for those who want to split the cost and the food, and also for those who are hungry enough to finish such serving. Nevertheless, Bite Club Burgers guarantees burgers grilled to perfection and topped with a burst of flavor enough to maintain their status as a comfort-food provider. With its casual interiors and excellent food, this restaurant is sure to provide their guests a relaxing and pleasant dining experience in affordable rates.

Bite Club Burgers is located at Boracays DMall near Station 2. Hotels nearby are Boracays finest, the Boracay Regency Hotel, and affordable hotels such as the Hey Jude Hotel and the Paradise Bay Beach. Reservations at Bite Club Burgers can be made by calling 63-36-288-5947.