Balinghai Beach in Boracay - Philippines

Located at the northern tip of the island, Balinghai Beach Boracay can best be reached by riding a paraw from White Beach. During sunset, one would get the feeling of being lost in a tropical island. Although there are steps that would lead guests to the resort, the only people that they would see are guests like them.

Balinghai Beach Boracay is so mysterious that food is served by placing orders in a basket. By ringing a bell, the food ordered by the guests is placed in the basket.

Despite being in a secluded area of the island, a trip to Balinghai Beach Boracay can be breathtaking. The bungalows overlook the whole stretch of the beach. This is the perfect spot for people who are looking for privacy with convenience.

The resort at Balinghai Beach Boracay provides an alternative venue away from the noisy atmosphere of most of the beaches in the island. There are six class AA bungalows for eight rooms all in all. All of the rooms provide a breathtaking view of the cove. Constructed in two levels, the houses in Balinghai Beach Boracay have spacious bedrooms, bathrooms, and terrace.

The Rock House

From the name itself, this cottage is perched on top of a rock 10 meters away from the beach. It provides a spectacular view of the sea. It has a double bed for two persons but it is possible to add an extra bed for a child. The rate for this room is US$75 during the high season but could decrease to US$60 in the low season.

The Tree House

Perched on top of a tree, this is a two-bedroom accommodation which has its own veranda and kitchen. It is located 25 meters from the beach. One bedroom has a double bed while the other is suitable for a couple of grown ups or four little children. The rate for this room is US$95 during the peak season and US$75 during off-peak.

Bat House

The Bat House is located on a hill 12 meters from the beach. Lying on the bed, the feet of the guests appears to be touching the ocean. It has a double bed for two persons but an extra bed can be added. The room rate is US$65 during the busy season and US$50 in the low season.

All the cottages in Balinghai Beach Boracay are rented on a house to house basis. The maximum capacity for each cottage is free of charge. Payment by credited card is honored.