Aklan State University in Boracay - Philippines

Located at Banga, Aklan in Panay Island is The Aklan State University which is one of the most prestigious State Universities in Region VI. One can reach Aklan State University usually through buses that pass along the main road going to Caticlan, the port going to Boracay Island. It is 9 kilometers away from Kalibo, the provincial capital of Aklan.

Being one of the oldest educational institutions in Western Visayas, Aklan State University has gone through several transitions from being a farm school until it was converted into a State University. In 1917, Aklan State University had a fruitful beginning for being the Banga Intermediate School which was converted to become the Capiz Farm School. With increased in enrollment it became Banga Rural High School.

In 1963, it became Aklan Agricultural College by virtue of R.A. 3439 which offered two-year technical courses and eventually they were authorized to offer the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with major fields on Animal Husbandry and Agronomy. Strengthening its instructional programs, Aklan State University soon offered baccalaureate degree in addition to its graduate and post graduate programs.

Being able to meet the high standards of an agricultural state college, it was converted again to become the Aklan State College of Agriculture in 1992 and finally the educational institution became the Aklan State University in 2001.

Aklan State University has 5 campuses. Its Banga campus is comprised of various Colleges namely the College of Agriculture, College of Teacher Education, Forestry and environmental Science, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Management Sciences and Graduate School.

The Aklan State University Ibajay Campus is comprised of the College of Hospitality and Rural Resource Management with faculty specializing in agriculture, agronomy and animal husbandry. The focus of their education is on hospitality, community development, management, entrepreneurship and the use of technologies to promote effective governance of rural resources.

The Makato campus of Aklan State University is where its Teacher Education is offered with curricular offerings on Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Technology and Home Economics, English and Mathematics.

Its New Washington campus is their School of Fisheries and Marine Sciences. It specializes on education on fisheries and marine sciences with faculty specializing in Food technology, pure sciences, marine fisheries and language. The College of Industrial Technology is located on its Kalibo campus.

Aklan State University provides quality and education excellence at a reasonable tuition fee. Being a public State University, Aklan State University is a higher learning institution that offers the opportunity to enroll at a State University with the cheapest academic fee with the services of competent professionals to provide the highest quality of education on major fields.